About the Conference

The economic crisis triggered by the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 gave birth to the Self Reliant Bharat Abhiyan. Self Reliant means 'self-reliant'. India’s self-reliance will be based on five pillars: Economy, Infrastructure, Technology driven system, Vibrant demography and Demand. India being an agricultural country where more than 70% population is in villages. It is priority to develop Self Reliant rural place and population. Improving the quality of living, implication of innovative solutions and best practices in Engineering & Management have critical role to play. The prime goal of the conference is to promote research and developmental activities in Engineering, Management & Applied Sciences.

Conference Objectives

To invite expert views on Rural Innovation
To generate ideas on Rural Innovation and Technologies
To generate ideas on Rural Services and Entrepreneurship
To disseminate the cause of Self Reliant Bharat
To showcase the readiness of the administration to the industries wanting to invest their CSR funds

Conference Outcomes

Understand the socio-economic, political and cultural framework of the rural society
Address the challenges with suitable responses for the identified rural issues
Engage in the activities of UBA with better understanding
Rejuvenate actionable research in rural technologies and services.
Synchronize and ameliorate the Industry Institute relationship towards rural innovations
Drive meaningful student projects based on the research discussed during the conference.